Manhattan-based design office Atelier Armbruster was founded in 2010 by Yaiza A. Armbruster. Trained as an architect and engineer (Dipl. Ing.) in her native Munich, Yaiza Blank and her team have worked on a range of private and commercial projects in NY and Chicago as well as Germany, Spain and Italy.

A fellowship at Balkrishna Doshi in Ahmadabad, India, brought her close to the maxims of Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn which provided a deep understanding of space and volume. Frequent trips to her mother’s native Mexico gave her an insight into the work of Mexican Modernists that still influences her sensibility of color and light.

In her six years as a designer for Annabelle Selldorf, Yaiza Blank was responsible for many residential projects of different scales, from apartments and townhouses to condominium buildings. 

Yaiza likes to credit her German education for a profound knowledge of detailing and craftsmanship, aspects of her work she thoroughly enjoys and has deepened since coming to New York. Her concerns for the environment are displayed by the fact that all of her collaborators are LEED certified and brought to bear by the hundreds of decisions made throughout the design and construction process.

Blank knows to navigate the fine line between hard-edged modernist ideology and clean, serene spaces. A flair for elegance meets a distinct sense for comfort. It is her philosophy, she says: “Beyond the surface or even my own goals for a project, spaces have to work for the people who live or work in them.”

Yaiza Blank is a committee member of the Women in Architecture AIA chapter.