Atelier Armbruster


Magnificent Marble

If there's one thing we love specifying in our projects, it's marble. Having a project that allows us to work with this material is always a special opportunity.

Every so often we find ourselves working with a client with a bold personality and naturally the project becomes influenced by that! 

For our project on the Upper East Side, we have taken a long look at many marbles that really make a statement. Check out some of the lovely selections we are considering for various places in this project.


Fior Di Pesco Apuano BL N 85785  220x190x2 LASTRE 44_DSC8731.jpg
Grand Antique 2cm Polished #CA721.jpg
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Construction Begins!

One of our more recent projects has finally made it to the construction phase, and we couldn't be more excited! The 2,000 sq foot apartment sits inside an iconic Art Deco condominium along beautiful Central Park.

Stay tuned for more photos and status updates for our Central Park project, and don't forget to check out our soon to come progress report on our biggest project yet on the Upper East Side!


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When is Spring Coming?

While us New Yorkers are waiting for Spring to officially arrive, some of our projects have already been bathed in the joyful colors that come with the much anticipated season. Even though we can sometimes favor a simple and subdued aesthetic, we like to bring in a whisper of color when the right project calls for it.

Check out some images below of our previous projects that continue to inspire us as we move forward with new ideas!


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